VFI-2505, structural hard coat, provides superior hardness and greater moisture resistance than epoxies. Whether you are protecting structures, delicate forms for themed scenery, or signage, VFI has a hard coat product to meet all of your needs. 

VFI-2505 Structural Plastic Hard Coat

VFI-2505 Advantages

  • Available in Fire Resistant formulas
  • Superior hardness
  • Fast cycle times
  • Easy application process
  • Lightweight and short cure times
  • Eliminated the problems associated with fiberglass filled FRP
  • Water resistant and chemical resistant once cured
  • Custom colors available


VFI-2505 is a two component, 100% solids, 1:1 by volume, fast set polyurethane structural coating. It is intended for use as a plural component spray applied coating for a variety of applications. 

Use plural component airless spray equipment capable of maintaining temperatures of 140°-160°F, 1800 psi minimum pressure and a 1:1 volume mix ratio. VFI-2505 is compatible with a wide range of plural component spray guns, however, for detailed work the Gusmer GX-8 and and the Probler P-2 come highly recommended. 

Applied coating will set in 2-4 minutes at 70°F, depending on film thickness, liquid material temperature and the substrate temperature. It is encouraged to begin priming or painting the plastic at the first sign of cure to maximize adhesion. 

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